Voices of Hope for Haiti’s Future Edited by Hugh Locke

Voices of Hope for Haiti’s Future Edited by Hugh Locke

  • This is the third installment of positive initiatives in Haiti that show promise for the future.

Empowering the Creative Economy

Ciné Institute, Haiti’s film school, was born from Festival Film Jakmèl. Following the earthquake, we grew to become the Artists Institute, a professional training and technical resource center established to empower a youth-led creative economy through local film and music production. Located in Jacmel, the beautiful five-acre campus built following the earthquake features recording studios, video editing suites, production offices and classrooms. Our various collaborations have streamed to over 200 million viewers worldwide and won an Emmy Award. Top Institute alumni are now some of Haiti’s most respected next generation audio visual professionals earning well over the national average household income. / by David Belle and Paula Hyppolite, Co-Founders Artists Institute

Empowering communities to thrive in every season

Fonkoze is a Haitian organization founded in 1994 by a group of grassroots leaders-to empower Haitians, primarily rural women, with financial and accompanying development services to lift their families out of poverty. Since its inception, Fonkoze has been fulfilling this mission – through every natural disaster that has hit Haiti since. As a result, hundreds of thousands of disenfranchised families across the country are now equipped with the tools, knowledge and resources to not only survive an earthquake like the one in 2010 – but to rebuild and thrive in spite of it. / by Carine Roenen, Executive Director of Fonkoze Foundation

Investing in agricultural training for best practice farming.

Haven continues a strong focus on the training elements for farming, which are an essential part of the support offered to local farmers, agronomists and students. To date 681 have benefited from training that includes environ- mental management, crop management, climate change agro forestry, and routes to market, to name a few. Focused in the rural areas of Cavaillon, le Caye and Ile à Vache, the results have been tangible improvements in best practice farming, food security and becoming sustainable. We are continuing our work to further stabilize the economy as well as local families and their communities. / by Damien Meaney, Country Director of Haven

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