10 million masks for Haiti… by Hugh Locke

10 million masks for Haiti… by Hugh Locke

The Scouts of Haiti are mobilizing more than a thousand independent tailors and sewing ateliers throughout the country, many using foot-powered treadle machines, to make masks as the country responds to coronavirus, or COVID-19. A consortium of NGOs and businesses have joined the Scouts under the banner of “Koud Konbit,” which loosely translates as “Sewing Together.” The goal is to make and distribute 10 Million Masks 4 Haiti.

Why masks ? The fast growing #masks4all movement has analyzed the data for all countries that have had more than 1000 COVID119 cases currently, and they have observed that, along with washing hands and social distancing, wearing protective masks by everyone, even home-made ones, can help slow down the spread of the contagion.

The Scouts of Haiti were among the first to respond to the menace of the coronavirus when they took to the streets of Port-au-Prince, starting March 8, with portable sinks for people to wash their hands. Then they announced their 10 Million Masks 4 Haiti challenge and joined with others interested in the same goal. Out of this was born Koud Konbit, which so far includes the Scouts of Haiti, Caribbean Craft, 2nd Story Goods, Smallholder Farmers Alliance and Impact Farming.

This #masks4all movement started in the Czech Republic where almost all its 10 million inhabitants were equipped with masks within 3 days and the speed of the spread of coronavirus slowed significantly. Wearing masks is not done to protect the wearer, but to protect people against the droplets coming from the respiratory tract of an infected person.

All funds raised here will be used to have masks made by local tailors and sewing groups in Haiti. They will then be distributed free of charge by the Scouts of Haiti to targeted communities according to risk and vulnerability of the population. Masks will also be made available free of charge to four of the largest healthcare providers in Haiti: Partners in Health, Hôpital Albert Schweitzer, Project Medishare and the Caris Foundation.

Hugh Locke, April 1st , 2020 Donate by going to: www.gofundme.com/man- age/10-million-masks-4-haiti

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